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A Convenient New Service for You.

Montgomery DermatologyToday, you can do just about anything from your mobile device – including getting dermatology advice or treatment remotely through the innovative modmed Telehealth app. When you need help fast, go with the app.

  • Quickly address rashes, bites, lesions, minor burns and more
  • Get diagnosis and treatment even when you don’t have time to visit the dermatologist’s office
  • Engage with your own doctor who has your medical records and knows your history
  • Receive personalized services from almost anywhere, anytime
  • Push notifications keep you updated on the status of your submitted case
  • After submitting your case, chat allows you to communicate with your healthcare team

Telemedicine doesn’t replace in-office visits, but it can be an added, effective and expedient way for you to consult with me on occasion, giving you faster diagnosis, treatment and assurance – or a recommendation for face-to-face care. You can easily snap and send photos and other information about your condition via a mobile device to receive a reply from your dermatologist.



Montgomery Dermatology

Telehealth and your Acne

Thanks to the technology of the Telehealth app, you can receive virtual evaluations from Dr. Ilyas for all of your acne concerns. The cost – starting at $60 for a virtual evaluation and treatment – is comparable to the cost of many copays. Avoid having to take time off from school or work and save yourself a drive to an appointment in person! Communicate directly with Dr. Ilyas via teledermatology, which studies have shown to be a highly accurate and cost effective way to manage and treat acne.

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Simply download the modmed Telehealth app onto your iPhone® or Android® mobile device. Data rates may apply from your mobile carrier.

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